Our starting premise is that all businesses are on a journey – a story in the making. The leaders may set the destination, but it will take the actions and behaviours of the whole organisation to reach it. 

This is where universal engagement is so powerful and so crucial in moving the organisation along the various steps of its journey. 

Our role is to help leaders create a simple and compelling story of this journey, brought to life through the stories of the people. Then, using this framework, we equip and enable leaders to inspire their teams to:

  • Understand and engage with this journey
  • Build their belief in what the business is doing and their ability to make a difference
  • Discover and own what they need to do differently, stimulating new ideas and actions
  • Align their activities and behaviours to the organisation's strategic priorities
  • Share and demonstrate their success and learn from others

Increasing an employee’s level of engagement can improve performance by 20% and reduce the employee’s probability of departure by 87% 
(Corporate Leadership Council)

Over the years we have developed a five-stage, cyclical and sustainable programme that begins with a process for engaging the whole organisation in the journey. This then becomes the framework within which local teams build their own story of how they are contributing to the success of the business. 

Our programme is designed to create an ongoing dialogue between senior leaders, managers and employees that sustains their engagement, focus and strategic activity. It is driven by a practical set of tools built around your ‘journey’. These tools help leaders and managers to become more effective in driving change within their part of the organisation. They help to create a common approach across the organisation that drives consistency and breaks down silos. 

Our flagship tool is the Strategic Narrative which describes the journey and a vision of the future in a simple short story that everyone can follow. This is the foundation of all subsequent engagement activity. 

A strong narrative that provides a clear, shared vision for the organisation is at the heart of employee engagement 
(MacLeod Report)

Underpinning our Strategic Narrative is the Promontory Change Model, which facilitates change by driving positive behaviour and creating new cultural norms.

Overall, our programme will encourage employees to share human experiences of where you are doing things right, and what you are capable of doing at your best. These stories are important in helping employees translate abstract strategic principles into practical actions. They are also highly influential in shaping belief and behaviour patterns and therefore driving organisational change.