Creating inspirational leaders at every level

At Promontory we are keen students of leadership and its relationship to genuine high performance. That’s why we’ve developed a range of tools designed to inspire leadership at every level – from young managers setting out on their journey to public company CEOs with decades of experience. Our performance programmes include recognised behavioural preference models like TetraMap®, as well as our own High Performing Team programmes and a range of individual leadership development tools too.

Linking leadership development to organisational story

We believe a logical narrative – describing the challenges and opportunities facing the organisation – should inform leadership behaviours. That’s why all our leadership development strategies support our clients’ overall vision. In fact, more than 60% of our leadership programmes are guided by the Strategic Narratives we’ve helped our clients create.

Shaking things up and aligning leaders around common goal

We coach individuals, small teams and large groups to challenge existing approaches and develop new strategies for leadership that enhance performance and align with the priorities set out in the Strategic Narrative.

Enhancing personal attitudes

At Promontory we believe that you choose your attitude every day. Positive choices affect the lives and careers of everybody around you. When it comes to leaders, an inspiring attitude is vital.

We help leaders develop in three clear steps.

  1. Identify positive behaviours and outcomes – leaders adopt the high performance behaviours demanded by the Strategic Narrative
  2. Overcoming personal barriers – we identify which obstacles might stop leaders enhancing their performance and employ a number of tools and techniques to build a positive mindset that overcomes these obstacles
  3. Building a personal brand – finally we embed new beliefs and behaviours in each leader’s personal brand identity, so they view themselves as high performers and continue to project a positive example to their teams.



Building critical skills

Skills development starts with a shared leadership vision and a clear understanding of the priorities for change. This is based on the Strategic Narrative, or else we use new diagnostics to agree a way forward together.

We then develop leaders so they can inspire others to perform at their best and achieve great things. During the process, leaders hone four critical skills:

  1. Building trust-based relationships – with diverse stakeholder groups inside and outside their organisations
  2. Being a positive role model – exhibiting the positive behaviours they want to see
  3. Coaching – holding high quality, performance-centric coaching conversations with team members
  4. Harnessing and valuing diversity – in their teams

Inspiring high performance

Today’s leaders face interesting challenges like developing Gen Z and millennials, multi-generational teams required to work flexibly, to do more with less, to build sustainable value.

The ability to inspire high performance is critical in times of change. Leaders need to rally troops when there’s a crisis, challenge them when they are stuck, calm them when the seas are rough, and at times propel them into action.

Building on the previous steps in the programme we help leaders become the best they can be through:

  • Leadership alignment – understanding, articulating and aligning to a clear and compelling leadership narrative
  • Leadership development – developing leadership mindset and beliefs, with the tools and skills to inspire and engage for high performance
  • Leadership presence – Fine-tuning the leadership brand and identity and projecting with presence, across formal presentations and day-to-day interactions.

Our work and our curricula are always evolving, informed by the latest developments in management thinking which we apply to each new client on a bespoke basis.