We believe that how we communicate with each other is as important as how we communicate with our customers, investors, clients and stakeholders.

Our clients operate in commercial environments where customer service is a key differentiator and driver of brand value. In many cases, our clients’ people are our clients’ brands. 

With this in mind, we have developed a powerful approach to internal communications which sets messaging against the context of our strategic narrative. 

The narrative is the strategy of a business written as a story, which automatically aligns internal and external messaging, which we regard as a critical factor. We don’t want to be telling ourselves a different story to that which we tell our customers. 

The narrative makes it easier for everyone who communicates (which, let’s face it, is everyone) to deliver consistent messages using a common language. This in turn makes communication more effective, landing key messages so that the action which results, is in service of the overall strategic journey of the organisation. 

This is true irrespective of medium. We frequently employ:

  • conferences
  • internal events
  • live and recorded broadcasts
  • workshops
  • intranet
  • social media
  • office branding

We write, design, direct and produce scripts, on-and off-line visual material, VTs, podcasts and live performances. All to create powerful, memorable and actionable communications. 

We try to keep our communication open, transparent and constant. We use every vehicle we can to reinforce messages, even if it means repeating them, and even if they concern developments that will be received with apprehension or negativity. 

We keep pointing to the vision described in the narrative. We talk about the why as well as the what and the how, and show how and where everything fits in the journey. 

We keep it simple, but keep it coming. Different people respond to different methods of communication, so we find out what works best for them, and employ the most appropriate channels to reach them. If managers need new skills and capabilities to make this happen then we give them the right coaching and training too.

Almost every project we work on, employs these skills. Click here to see them in action..